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From Kayla, Our Founder

Hi there, 

This business is my baby. I built it from scratch with very little funding and most of what you see here is all original design & strategy

Kayla grew up on the east side of the Las Vegas Valley. She studied Art & Engineering throughout her 20s, and focused on topics like psychology, leadership, and quantitative & qualitative analysis in her 30s.  These days she's focusing on marketing & economics. Her education is made of up professional in classroom and online training, independent study, work experience, and a love of reading. 

She takes care of her mom in Laughlin, NV and has 2 cats. She enjoys extra working, exploring the desert, and watching old movies in her spare time and her caring but assertive nature calms even the biggest bull in the china shop allowing for a level of teamwork that's unrivaled.

I also work with multiple collaborators and contractors. Eventually regular contributors will be shown here, and I'd love to highlight my employees some day once the business is staffing. 

The principle copywriting on this website was provided by Amy D. If it sounds professional, it's probably something she wrote on here lol. I haven't asked her for permission to list her info here yet but I do want to be sure that credit is mentioned until I reconnect with her and ask permission to use her photo and quote.

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