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The Best Time to Invest in Growing Your Business was Three Months Ago

The Second Best Time is Now

I'm Ready

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for Creating Your New Normal

​​​​​​​The last few years have been a shitshow. Almost non-existent tourism, fearful customers, and everyone pinching every penny to stay afloat. You’ve had sleepless nights and an aching back. But you got the job done, you adapted - no matter what it took.


What you can’t do now is stop. It feels like you need to keep staying up late pinching pennies because you're used to it. But you saw what happened to the businesses that didn’t make changes last time. 

They’re gone.

That’s why you’re here now - you know things are starting to shift again.

Your days of just getting by are over. Now it’s time to get ahead. And we have the tools to make that happen.

Our Fancy Corporate/Professional Titles: 

Strategic Management Consultant 

&Full Service Marketing Agency

More Our Style: 

We get the word out

cut the dead weight

and increase revenue

We handle every step of your Marketing, Presentations, and Spreadsheets.




  • You have something to sell, we show people who you are and why they need to buy from you. 

  • We take care of everything. 

  • From the strategic concepts and campaigns to graphic design to in-your-hand or on-the-billboard. 

  • Effective, expert marketing that’s done for you, done right, and at a price you can’t beat.


Presentations & Spreadsheets

  • We break down the facts, research, and data from your business. 

  • And make it into useful, visual, and easy-to-understand results. 

  • A powerful tool for pitching to investors and clients. 

  • Or use it yourself to make the best, most informed decisions for your business.


We want to hear about your business and where you’re at. We build a unique personalized package that fits your goals.
No bloat, no addons,

no one-size-fits-all.

Just us taking care of your marketing and data management from start to finish. 

So you can boost your profits. Build your customer base. And get back to living the entrepreneurial life you dreamed of.

We’re Here to Help: Affordable, Local, & Exceptional

You Specialize in Your Business, We’re the Experts for Everything Else

Kindred Method is a collection of specialists. Each of us eats, sleeps, and breathes our craft to give you the best possible results. We handle your graphic design, copywriting, marketing, advertising, data analysis, and presentations so you can focus on running your business. 

 About Us 


Last but not least: Meet our founder Kayla! For years, Kayla worked in corporate big-wig America. She was a leading voice for quality and operations management who knew her stuff and had to keep the higher-ups from making a mess. (That’s a full-time job by itself.)

Her biggest strength, besides brilliant project management, was solving problems. If there’s a faster, more efficient, fewer-dollars-for-more-results strategy out there, Kayla finds it and makes it work. 


Technology is her faithful companion, with “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten playing on the  computer speakers. She's experienced what works, what doesn’t, and how to make those systems work for you.


Mohave Strong 
Just Like You

Hi There, Neighbor

The Mohave Desert has its own unique challenges, strengths, and (dare we say it?) attitude. We know because we live here (and we love it). Local businesses like yours are the real heart of this region
You make our communities stronger when you succeed.

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