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About Us

We are a Marketing Agency and Consulting Firm. Affordable, Local, & Exceptional
You Specialize in Your Business, We’re the Experts for Everything Else

Our roots are deep in the Lean & Agile movements. We're inspired by Teachings of Quality Gurus such as Deming & Ishikawa. Simple systems & deep care for people guide the way we work with each other, our suppliers, and our clients.

We're a company that thrives during times of uncertainty.

Data, Graphic Design and Automation are where we have the home field advantage. We are people who have experienced, survived and grew from adversity in our professional and personal lives and we know how to keep a cool head when the stakes are high.

Lean is focused on the manufacturing environment. Agile in technology, especially software development. There is this amazing company called IDEO that's teaching stuffy businesses how to break out of traditional thinking with something they call "Design Thinking". I learned all of these while managing quality for a huge service company. Everywhere I went I could find these great ideas but none of them were really a perfect fit for my work in the service industry. 


While I worked for the big companies, I adapted the various Lean and Quality strategies to the work I was doing. Executives, having previously been bewildered by the agile jargon of epic user stories and technical debt were now running their staff meetings like sprint reviews. Everyone had a chance to discuss impediments and successes. They give feedback on communication and troubleshoot ways to work with even more synergy the next iteration. 


We aspire to simplify these concepts into easy to understand and use systems and then teach those systems to our clients so that we can move onto other global-scale changes to business management.

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